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Gurgaon Rental Guide
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Finding a place to live in this town is enough to make anyone run screaming for the suburbs. But great Gurgaon apartments can be found and found easily—and here's how.

Quote Right – not too less, not too much!

Whether you are looking for the first time or the 10th, finding the perfect apartment in Gurgaon always stressful and hence we've come up with a few suggestions to make the entire process a little hassle free. Good luck, people—solving the compact, character-filled concrete jungle of Gurgaon.


Two main resources when it comes to finding an apartment:

  1. Websites:

    Finding an apartment can take its toll and having to explore apartments in 10 different localities can get very exhausting! First research online at online property portals and gather as much information virtually. On Pickahome, we have 360 degree virtual tours of the locality, home configurations and their respective prices of properties available in Gurgaon.

  2. Property Managers:

    Working with a property manager definitely has its own benefits. For one, they have the knowledge of the area and they have access to a whole host of property listings suitable for your needs. Pickahome offers all its clients with a free property manager who is responsible for handling all queries of a client.


If you are new to Gurgaon the best advice we can offer is to talk to people who are already living in Gurgaon. Find out what different neighborhoods offer, ask about pricing and where the more expensive and more affordable housing is (so you know where to look and where to avoid depending on your budget). Pickahome offers a complete ‘Map-View’ Guide online for home buyers to find all information just with a click. Consider the following aspects before selecting a locality:

  • Commute to work: Figure out the best route and time it! How long you spend commuting each day will likely be a factor in the desirability of an apartment.
  • Proximity to transit: Buses, metro, cab etc should be easily accessible.
  • Neighborhood attractions: Grocery store, restaurants, nightlife, gym, shopping, etc.
  • Safety: If you are moving in Gurgaon, you will have to pay close attention to safety concerns in a society. Considering today’s scenario a safe and a secure environment is one of the major deciding factors before selecting a location.
Quote Right – not too less, not too much!


Before signing the lease, make sure you read through all the fine print. Many landlords use the standard state lease agreements, but often times they'll add a list of requirements particular to their own property. This might add rules about public spaces in the building, quiet hours, pets, outdoor space maintenance etc. Ask your property manager for help in this matter. The dedicated property managers appointed by Pickahome offer you genuine legal advice at the time of negotiations. Know that you are always able to negotiate terms and aspects of the lease. Make sure anything promised to you by the landlord is in writing. For example, if the landlord says you can paint without penalty of being charged to paint it back, make sure that is in writing. Otherwise expect a chunk of your security deposit to disappear when the lease is up.

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