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Ireo Grand Arch from monuments to landmarks

Ireo grand arch like DLF pinnacle is one of the marvels of builder designs. It is a design that changes the perspective of competing builders asking them to do more. India has always been called backward company and it is our inability to take risk and adapt that helps us find this tag line attached to being India. With Ireo Gurgaon is trying to build some spectacular apartments with an American perspective of being different. I kind of feel proud seeing the future of Gurgaon shape itself.

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After some initial research I found that the grand arch is inspired by Arche de la defense of Paris the original building cost 200 million dollars and took 2 years to construct . Ireo Grand arch has become a landmark in itself and will help shape the other projects in the 3 CR landmark. They have managed to create great echo system with a vision that Ansals failed to do with sushant lok 3. The team at mindmyweb shot an Arial Panoramic image of Ireo grand arch for pickahome.com what we saw looked like this amazing oasis in the dessert.

Dlf Phase 2

The Location Ireo has chosen is strategically very smart this area has lots of room for improvement and if allowed the project will become like the arch gateway of paris someday in central Paris . The Grand Arch will also make a great investment for first time buyers and early movers the return on rent is already over 4 % which is way higher than the average of real estate in Delhi.

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